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Canadian Pharmacy Technician Certification Exams Review: EE, MCQ and OSPE

A pharmacy technician also called regulated pharmacy technician or certified pharmacy technician is health professional who has completed the process of certification. Please, check with the Canadian Pharmacy Board to determine which of the following exams would be required based on your own situation.

Pharmacy Technician Evaluating Exam

The Pharmacy Technician EE has been designed to evaluate the knowledge of candidates seeking certification in the following key areas:

-          - Pharmacology, physiology, pathophysiology, anatomy

-          - Pharmaceutics

-          - Pharmaceutical calculations

-          - Dispensing and Prescription Processing

-          - Inventory Management

-          - Compounding and Extemporaneous Preparations

-          - Sterile Product Preparation

-          - Canadian Federal Laws and Regulations

-          - Social, Behavioural, and Administrative Pharmacy

Pharmacy Technician Qualifying Exam Part I (MCQ) and Pharmacy Technician Qualifying Exam Part II (OSPE)

The Pharmacy Technician MCQ (written exam) and OSPE (oral exam) are critical in the process of Canadian Pharmacy Technician certification. The exams have been designed to evaluate the knowledge and practice skills of candidates. A candidate for the MCQ and OSPE must be prepared to demonstrate knowledge in the following nine competencies:

-          - Legal, Ethical, and Professional Responsibilities

-          - Professional Collaboration and Team Work

-          - Communication and Education

-          - Management Knowledge and Skills

-          - Quality Assurance

-          - Drug Distribution - Prescription and Patient Information

-          - Drug Distribution - Product Preparation

-          - Drug Distribution - Product Release

-          - Drug Distribution - System and Inventory Controls

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