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Passing the Canadian pharmacist and pharmacy technician exams takes lots of time and effort. CPEPrep is here to help make sure you are successful when taking the PEBC’s EE, MCQ and OSCE. We have entered into a new era as the #1 provider of Canadian pharmacy study guides, practice tests, and other review resources. We offer online study guides for all of the PEBC exams including practice tests for the EE and MCQ as well as downloadable resources to help in passing the OSCE.

Our CCCEP Program Accreditation is a statement of our commitment to quality pharmacy continuing education leading to effective preparation for Canadian Pharmacy Exams.

All of our Canadian pharmacist & pharmacy technician exam practice tests, study guides, and other review resources are conveniently available online anywhere, anytime at one affordable price. Subscribe today for unlimited access to our full collection of online courses, study guides, and practice tests to help with passing your pharmacy exams. Our highly popular review books for the PEBC pharmacy exams are also available for purchase directly from us or through Amazon. Whether you are a pharmacy technician passing the certification exam, or a pharmacist seeking help with Canadian licensure, CPEPrep can help.

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I am Dr. Fatima Marankan. What an honour it has been to work with all of you, our loyal and supportive learners.  I had the pleasure to meet many of you in beautiful Vancouver.  Your partnership has made CPEPrep a trusted provider of reliable and comprehensive resources for Canadian Pharmacists Licensing and Pharmacy Technicians Certification Exams. Your support is a statement of your appreciation for our expertise in Pharmacy and unmatched Canadian experience. We will never take that for granted! We will continue to work tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations.  Join us to enjoy numerous FREE new learning materials. Stay Connected!

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Member, Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP)

Member, Canadian Pharmacy Technician Educators Association (CPTEA)

Member, Canadian Healthcare Network

Registered Canadian Provider of Continuing Education in Pharmacy

Our Canadian Pharmacist & Pharmacy Technician Review Resources include:

  • Online Pharmacist EE, MCQ, and OSCE Practice Tests & Study Guides 
  • Online Pharmacy Technician MCQ-OSPE Study Guides and Practice Tests
  • PEBC Pharmacy Exam Review Books

Why Choose CPEPrep for help passing the Canadian Pharmacist and Technician Exams?

  • Our comprehensive pharmacy review resources have a proven track record of success with a consistently high passing rate for our subscribers.
  • Our results-oriented study guides focus on the learning objectives of the Canadian pharmacist and pharmacy technician exams.
  • Our unique review style helps you understand key concepts and avoid the unnecessary memorization of practice questions and answers.
  • Our study guides and practice tests are up to date with the latest PEBC materials and are easy to understand.
  • Our pharmacist forum is filled with qualified instructors who can provide the unmatched help needed for passing the pharmacy exams.
  • Our affordable and convenient online program allows you to learn at your own pace.

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